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1932 RR Phantom II - Figoni & Falaschi
Body Details

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Hood & Latches.JPG
Front Lights.JPG
Rear Lights.JPG

Headlights are from Model Motor Cars, modified to reflect the prototype. Headlights, sidelights and rear lights have working LEDs.

Pocher bonnet, but heavily modified and with working latches

Dashboard, windshield surround and other wood details are basswood stained Cherry

Interior before installing the reading lights and doors

Fantail exhaust

The boot (trunk) features working tool drawers, proper rain gutters and an internal fuel filler with hinged cap.

Boot & Drawers.JPG

Resin cast front apron

Working sunroof

Front Apron.JPG

The windows operate through gear-driven winders.

The Art Deco style interior panels matches the prototype.

Door Interiors.JPG

The registration number is the same as the prototype. The size and style of the number are consistent with the UK's Road Traffic Act of 1930.

Rear Bumper.JPG
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