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1932 RR Phantom II - Figoni & Falaschi
Notes On Constructing The Body

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The model took much longer to finish than I initially estimated.

The challenge was scratch building the body, fenders, bonnet (hood) and complete interior. The bonnet is based on the Pocher parts, but highly modified and elongated. The fenders and front apron were resin cast with masters made from balsa wood and the body shell is a fiberglass layup. Both techniques were a new adventure for me.

Click on the cover pages for detailed write ups of the resin casting and fiberglass processes. Or click on the button below:

Model & Prototype

Model vs Prototype 11-5-13.jpg

Resin Casting The Fenders

Resin Casting Cover.jpg

Fiberglassing The Shell

Fiberglassing Cover.jpg
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