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In the course of deciding the next 1:8 scale car model to build, I became interested in the Napier-Railton race car. which was powered by a Napier Lion aircraft engine.


A version of that engine also powered two Supermarine S.5 seaplanes in their successful attempt to win the Schneider Trophy in 1927. They came in first and second.


So this page is really a placeholder for what might be one or two future airplane models.

Meanwhile, a full set of 3D printable CAD drawings has been completed for the Napier Lion XIA engine that powered the Napier-Railton and also for the version of the Lion VIIB that powered the Supermarine S.5. The following page provides more detail about the Supermarine S.5.

Napier Lion XIA

Lion XIA 1:8 scale 3D printable model

Napier Lion VIIB

Supermarine S.5

S.5 - In Flight
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