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Resin Casting & Fiberglassing

The Pocher Rolls-Royce Sedanca was the platform for the Figoni & Falaschi RR Phantom II. However, of the body parts, only the bonnet (hood) parts could be used. And even then they had to be substantially modified. So the question was how to make the body and the fenders with their integral running boards.

In the end, I chose to lay up the body in fiberglass, and resin cast the front and rear fenders. Since I had little experience with fiberglass, and none at all with resin casting, my learning curves were pretty steep. Despite the breadth of the worldwide web, I found very little instructional material that was directly applicable to using fiberglass or resin casting for large scale model cars. So the following two notes provide a detailed rationale for each choice and step-by-step descriptions of the processes I used. I hope you'll find them useful. 

Click on the each thumbnail page below to download the notes ...

Vol. 1: Resin Cast Fenders  (9 MB)

Resin Casting Cover.jpg

Vol. 2: Fiberglassed Body Shell  (6 MB)

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