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Rolls-Royce Phantom II

The Rolls-Royce Phantom II models shown on this website are based on Pocher kits but include numerous scratch built components. They were added in an attempt to more faithfully represent the prototype cars.
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Click here for the Super-detailing Notes.


They provide drawings, dimensions and construction details. I have also tried to provide detailed pictures from prototypes, handbooks and the models themselves to illustrate the designs. A note of caution, there are few detailed step-by-step instructions.

Since the super detailing notes couldn't always show enough detail, additional detailed photos are available for a few of the components that were added. Click here to go to the Components page.


For what it's worth, most of the scratch built items were built with just hacksaw, files, Dremel tools, soldering iron and superglues.


Figoni & Falaschi

1932 Phantom II

Gurney Nutting

1933 Phantom II

1933 Phantom II



Phantom II

Semi-expanding Carb

Chassis Pictures CompiledCmpsd.jpg


Phantom II Prototype

Changes ... By Year

Phantom II

Super Detail Notes

Vol1 IndexCmpsd.jpg
Vol2 IndexCmpsd.jpg

Phantom II Torque

Reaction Damper

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