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Rolls-Royce Phantom II Super Detailing

The Pocher kits are some of the most complex and detailed automobile kits ever made. But detail was left out and, particularly in the case of the Rolls-Royce kits, there are significant historical inaccuracies. This leaves the door open for the brave hearted to fix production quality issues, correct errors and, more importantly, add the missing detail.

Rolls-Royce Phantom II

During the building of the Rolls-Royce Sedanca chassis model, I began compiling notes and photographs recording the changes I was making. Those notes have now morphed into some 80 pages of descriptions ... from the addition of engine controls to the construction of the early-type 20 Gal fuel tank. The notes are in two volumes. Vol.1 covers the engine. Vol.2 covers the chassis.

A separate note covers the Torque Reaction Damper and the associated Diamond Engine Mount, that was introduced in Jan 1932. The damper minimized twisting of the engine due to torque. For space reasons, Pocher left this complex assembly out of the kit. Building and installing this feature is challenging and major modifications have to be made to Pocher's oversize radiator to fit it all in.

Super Detail Notes

Vol. 1

(56MB PDF File)

Super Detail Notes

Vol. 2

(41MB PDF File)

Click on the images to download the files

Vol2 IndexCmpsd.jpg
Vol1 IndexCmpsd.jpg

Torque Reaction Damper Note

(5MB PDF File)


Research highlighted the historical inaccuracies in the Pocher RR kits. For example; the carburetor in the kits is the early type that went out of production in January 1932. But the fuel tank is the large 28 Gallon version which wasn't introduced until July 1933. Click on the Major Changes table below to download a matrix showing when various features went into production.

Major Visible Changes By Year

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