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1936 Citroen Traction Avant 11A


A completely new engine/gearbox cradle, front suspension assembly as well as front and rear brake hubs were required. Most of the parts were 3D printed from CAD drawings that I created.

For a complete version of the model's build history click on the button (56MB, 92pp)

Although these pictures don't show it, the model incorporates rack and pinion steering, a feature which was introduced in May 1936. A consequence of that change was that the front shock absorbers were moved to the front of the cradle.


Although the engine and gearbox are very similar to the 7CV, the 11A has a wider radiator and wider cradle.


Underside showing the front suspension. The new scratch-built, adjustable shock absorbers were a last minute decision.


The tire tread patterns are consistent with the 150 x 400 Michelin 'Stop' tires originally fitted to the 11A.

New brake hubs.
This one is for the rear.


Torsion bars, running back from the cradle, are part of the independent front suspension. They are anchored by a cross-beam attached to the sides of the engine bay.


Rear axle, suspension, and brakes


The fuel tank, with its hangers, and the exhaust system are scratch built. The two wire-wrapped steel handbrake cables are also clearly visible.


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