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1936 Citroen Traction Avant 11A



Engine & Gearbox

Traction Avant drawings are hard to find and often they need to be pieced together from multiple sources.

That said, here are composite, partially complete, longitudinal cross-sections of the 7CV 4-cyl and 15CV 6-cyl engines and gearboxes. The drawings highlight the significant size difference between the two.
Click on the image to expand.

Here is a three-quarter view of the 4-cyl engine.

The 6-cyl engine is included in the Heller kit but the 4-cyl engine will have to be scratch built. For that, the drawings are a very good start.

4cyl vs 6cyRevsd.jpg

15 CV

7 CV

4-cyl Eng&Gbox.jpg


These are two of the most useful body drawings. They highlight the length and width differences between the smaller 7 and 11L (Legere) models and the 11 Normale. Click on the images to pop up larger versions.

Body Section & Dimensions-1935.jpg
Body Section & Dimensions.jpg
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