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1933 RR Phantom II - Gurney Nutting Faux Cabriolet
Chassis - Under Construction

Fuel lines and chassis lubrication lines were also added even though all that detail would be covered by the body. Notably, this particular vehicle included remotely adjustable Hartford friction shock absorbers. They were in addition to the regular shock absorbers. Knobs on the dash allowed hydraulic pressure in bladders on the back of the shocks to be changed which then altered the pressure on the friction disks. Pretty neat, eh?

Below are some progress photos ...

Click on the button to download a copy of the chassis build notes.

The biggest challenge with this model was the body. Almost nothing of the Pocher kit body could be used without major modification. In contrast, the chassis was much more straightforward. It incorporates all the changes and additions outlined in my RR Detail Notes - Vol. 2.

Note the Hartford friction shock absorber and modified steering arm ...

Hydraulic fluid tanks for the Hartfords mounted off the firewall. Fuel and lube lines not yet connected to the Autovac and Oil Tank.

3D printed handbrake lever and frame.
Chassis mounted accelerator pedal.
New brake equlaizer arms.



An elegant fishtail ...


New hangers for the inlet and exhaust mufflers.
Braces for the main cross-member.


Rear Hartford. The hydraulic line to the rear of the shock is just visible.

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