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1933 Napier-Railton & Napier Lion Aero Engine

Construction of the unpainted chassis is almost complete and engine construction has started.


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Initially my intent was to build a chassis-only model, but the body drawings weren't too difficult. That has opened the way to building a complete model.

The Build Story has again been updated and there's more to come ....



Between 1933 and 1935, John Cobb’s Napier-Railton race car set a number of lap records at the Brooklands race track in the UK. In doing so he established a one lap record of 143 mph. No one beat that record before the Brooklands track was closed during WWII. The car also broke many endurance speed records.

The car was powered by a Napier Lion aircraft engine. The engine was a twelve cylinder ‘W’ arrangement of three rows of four cylinders which, in its basic form developed over 450 HP. It was the most powerful engine of is day and was used in a number of racing designs, not just for cars, but  also for planes and boats.


Below is the chassis drawing compared to a sketch of the prototype chassis. A very high level of detail is included in the CAD drawings. The drawings are the platform for many 3D printed parts.


Napier Lion Aero Engine

The Napier Lion aero engine was the primary power source for the UK airforce from 1918 to the mid 1930s.  

Notably, versions of the Lion powered the Supermarine S.5 seaplane that won the Schneider Trophy in 1927 and, of course, powered the Napier-Railton race car.

Napier-Railton Chassis.jpg