1933 Napier-Railton Models - Current Status

Midway through building the model I was asked to build a second model, so two models are in process.

On one, the chassis is finished and painted, except for the engine and a few other details. On the other, pre-painting construction is virtually complete. Both models use a combination of brass construction and 3D printed parts.

Model 1

Gearbox and rear axle details

Front axle and steering damper.

The front crankshaft bearing is also visible.

Naper-Railton 1:8 chassis and engine under construction

Painted and complete chassis ...

Napier-Railton 1:8 scale model chassis rear suspension
Napier-Railton 1:8 scale gearbox and rear axle

This model is fitted with rear drum brakes. That's exactly how it was when the car raced!

Steering column and steering arm details

Napier-Railton 1:8 scale front axle under construction
Model 2

This model is based on the prototype as it exists today which includes rear disc brakes.

The chassis and engine are complete except for some small details. Now the focus is on finishing the body panels. Fitting of the panels should be straightforward.

Napier-Railton 1:8 scale model chassis and engine
Napier-Railton 1:8 scale model chassis and engine
Napier-Railton 1:8 scale model rolling chassis

The rear disc brakes were added when the car retired from racing and was used for parachute testing!

Napier-Railton 1:8 scale model rear suspension detail

The rear suspension has both Hartford friction shock absorbers and Luvax hydraulic shock absorbers.

Napier-Railton 1:8 scale model cockpit
Napier-Railton 1:8 scale model engine and radiator

The radiator cap is designed to open and close just like the one on the prototype.

Napier-Railton 1:8 scale cockpit

The mufflers were a requirement of the Brooklands race track.

Napier-Railton 1:8 scale engine
Napier-Railton 1:8 scale engine detail

There are two spark plugs for each of the twelve cylinders. Two magnetos provide the electrical impulses.

Napier-Railton 1:8 Model

Here the body panels have been test fitted to the car. The goal is to finish the panels to match the polished aluminum finish of the prototype.